Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yellow rage. Respect.

And another cause theyre so awesome

 And here's a glimmer of hope for my feminist utopia, cause it does (contrary to popular belief) include men. 


pipi said...

Sorry if people are over the vidclip posts. It's easy, effective and i really want to share.

Sporty said...

THey kick some ass!!!! I love it.
I wish NZ did more TV poetry slams.
They had them going on in Japan and even when I couldn't understand I thought they were realyl cool.

fnessm said...

right on with the vids - so fine! I'm with you on the utopian view including men and I'm happoy to watch videos of passionate young men who get it! Chur.

Tankgrrl said...

The yellow rage had me roaring with laughter. The young men had me sobbing at my desk. Bummer, I have no tissues.

pipi said...

wataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ya! Hard. they kick some kung fu butt. Also love that Catzie Vilayphonh is about to drop. Pregnant women are hot.... heh

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