Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm just listening to National Radio interview with a guy about the planned new tax plans - Land tax, will be like a new rate at .5% or a new tax on rental properties - tax on equity and a flat top tax rate at 30% and possibly an increase in GST. WTF!!!!!!
The guy is killing me he just sounds so reasonable. Language is such a dangerous thing. It's a matter of balancing the concerns of efficiency and equity. WTF!!!! What do you think he's earning? Nothing about improving the lives of our poorest. Nothing about taxing the bads. It's all about keeping the tax take stable while reducing how much the rich pay.
Social and behavioural and environmental taxes aren't worth considering because you then have to spend them on fixing the problems. Scoped out.
There will be a public meeting at Vic tomorrow for people to have their say. I'm on a course in town but I want to go.
Rant over.

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I know I'm a GEEK.
I thought I better get in before anyone else.