Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ACC cut postering

Bebe and i spent the morning (after having lovely breakfast and catch up with tank, fnessm and H2TB) postering Island bay and Lyall bay about cuts to sexual abuse funding. It was all going really well and we were quite happy with our progress. However in Lyal bay we ran into a little bit of conflict. A man stormed over to us demanding that we take down the posters or he'd take our photos (the camera was in his hand) and give it to police and city council. Fuck wad. He proceeded to say taggers like us werent welcome in his neighbourhood. I immediatly retaliated, put my hand up stretched out in front of my face towards his camera and walked towards him exclaiming we were standing up for the sexually abused and that he should just read the poster. Needless to say it got pretty heated. We refused to take down the posters and he went into his house just across the road- taking photos almost the whole time.

Bebe and i left and decided to return to his house with a little present.

A flower, some facts and a thank-you note in the form of chalk, right outside his whare.

We ended up having quite a good discussion and by the end of it, he reached out to give both of us a hug. I refused but Bebe was quite happy to receive cuddles.


fnessm said...

that's Bill, my old landlord (This was outside my old whare!) He's harmless enough, always up for supporting a good cause (once he realises you're not a couple of little hoodlums defacing property for the hell of it hahaha!!)
Love your work.

kĊtiro said...

Very brave. Great idea with the chalk!

Anonymous said...

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