Monday, October 5, 2009

ACC funding cuts to counselling

A meeting was held tonight at 128 to talk possible actions against ACC but more specifically towards Dr Peter Jansen, ACC Clinical Directorate and Minister of ACC, Nick Smith.

There is a march planned and we need as many people involved and aware as possible.

Date: Monday 19th Oct @ 12:30
Where: Rally at the Cenotaph then Parliament and onto ACC Headquarters on molesworth st

Here’s the petition if you’ve not already signed on AND if anyone has time there will be other meetings held
Sunday @ 11.45, 128 Abel Smith St
Monday @ 5:30, 128 Abel Smith St


If you’d like to help with distributing leaflets/making banners just drop in to 128 this thurs between 1 and 3.30

Email Nick or Peter with your concerns

Find more info here here here here and here



pipi said...

Here's the info blog:

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