Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At the risk of being insubstantial...

I haven't blogged for ages. So I thought I would. Please do not read this if you don't feel like reading random waffling thoughts. I'm going to keep it to 10. I promise.
  1. I am really looking forward to this weekend. Hanging with my homey chicks, having a laugh, maybe the odd deep-and-meaningful... You guys rock and I love ya almost as much as I love my iPhone.

  2. I am REALLY enjoying my art stuff at the moment. It makes me smile a lot (when I'm not frowning in concentration - yes, really, it IS my face), and occassionally laugh out loud. I often talk to myself. And I can smoke like a train "inside" and it's the workshop so that's OK.

  3. I need to get into the garden. Poor neglected garden. I am ashamed.

  4. Intense earnest white "Green" guys can be a pain in the arse. Why is it that I always attempt to look interested in the dribble that comes out of their mouths? What I really want to do is to tell them to stop looking at their navels, and go out and listen to some people. That really WOULD change the world.

  5. I've seen a few cute wee baby dykes lately. Funny. I haven't seen any in 5 years. It's like they all went inside, cut their hair, decided to go "punk" or "grunge", ripped up some clothes and then have been parading up and down the streets. It's good. I thought they were becoming extinct.

  6. Is it OK that I want to sell my art? Is that art? Or product? And why is it that everytime I create something that I think is cool, I then spend the next gazillion hours trying to work out how I can make something the same, but unique, in half the time and for half the cost? I might be a lost cause.

  7. Sometimes I think my heart might have a blanket over it. I look at people around me and despair about humanity and its cruelty and selfishness. Sometimes I think my heart might burst with love. My heart is confused at the moment, can't settle on either, and that is probably not good for a white chick, who's been on medication for so long, who smokes and is turning 40 soon.

  8. I'm sorry to the people who I love and who I am so bloody hopeless at keeping in touch with. Regularly anyway. I do think of them. Often in fact. I'm either lazy, inconsiderate, busy or all of these.

  9. Everytime I look out of my office window at the lush green grass of parliament, I think about the scabby pockmarked lawns that abound in NZ. It makes me think that grass is expensive.

  10. I'm off to do some jobs for Sue B - I'm sorry but I'm dropping you all immediately, because Sue needs me.

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