Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love mince, lamb, beef, pork, rat sheesh kebabs (that’s what I was told they were-yummy), duck noodle soup, goats cheese, kai moana, pate’ eggs omg eggs! and even that awful French stuff where you choke the bird to fill the liver of 'tasty goodness'. I think it’s pronounced like ‘farg gwah’

Awareness around my 'murder consumption' has been pretty shit and predominantly purposeful ignorance. But now the *busy lifestyle slash low income* yada just doesn't seem viable so, for this and various other reasons i've looked into politics around veganism.

Now i think i have slightly more educated defences to cover my shame and guilt for my carnivorous actions.

Here are some of my thoughts (and insecurities) around veganism

Will my friends and whanau reject me if I become a vegan
(esp my hangi loving whanau that already think i’ve become too white for my own good)
Is it really ‘white’ to be vegan when there are many vegans of colour?
Will my friends think I’m imposing my views on them ?
Will or am I imposing my views on them?

Who places value on what should or shouldn't be killed?
Will I include shellfish in my veganism, if not will I substitute that intake for something of the same calibre?
Can I make a vegan boil up??
Am I thinking about becoming a vegan because I care or because there’s that really hot girl that’s vegan? Is that so bad?
But I do care, i do (sigh). Sheeps, cows, pigs into mutton, beef, pork… bacon and eggs or brisket boil ups. I’m aware that the majority of animals I consume live short, caged , mutilated, druged lives deprived of their most basic freedoms. Even free range chickens are slaughtered once egg productivity lessons after two years.

I know that the environmental impacts of agriculture has devastating effects to our land and that food production causes pollution producing large carbon emmissions AND that agriculture is highly inefficient in the use of our resources.
So why the fuck did I eat mince on toast for breakfast this morning?
Because I’m selfish.. dominant.. powerful.. the norm.. it’s my privilege??



Sporty said...

Not sure I should even comment on this as I am so actively blocking blocking blocking.

But definitely don't have to worry about this one:
"Am I thinking about becoming a vegan because I care or because there’s that really hot girl that’s vegan?"

Tankgrrl said...

I murdered a chicken so that I didn't have to become a vegetarian. You shouldn't listen to anyone who has chicken blood on their hands (and I was a vegetarian for 6 years when I was about your age - it was seafood and bacon that eventually broke me).

pipi said...

yeah yeah. wanting to be like a hot girl i admire is all good and healthy right :/

awwww. you're so tainted

fnessm said...

make conscious choice - if you know where the meat came from and the conditions it was in then decide whether or not to consume. Shellfish (for example) are living pretty sweet lives in the sea and are going to end up on the plate of seagull/snapper/person at some point cos this is the food chain BUT that doesn't mean we should take them where their population is threatened or harvest more than we can eat in one go.

I'm a farm girl, I've never held any misconceptions about where meat comes from (I can vividly remember the noise of a sheep's last breath when it was killed, yet I ate those same chops for dinner).

I understand the damage meat does to the environment, which is why (for the most part) I need to understand where my meat is from. I eat meet a couple of times a week and believe the industry doesn't have to be the scourge on the earth that it is - so I choose where my money goes to support which farmers.

I did six years as a vegie and for the most part that was all good - was I healthier and more zen... I dunno. BUT whatever you choose, consciousness is the best choice.

(As for hot vegan girl, I once knew a hot girl who played the violin but I was never really tempted to pick it up myself...)

longge said...

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