Friday, September 18, 2009

Biscuit threat!

After reading this, sent to me by Sporty this morning,
Research by Mindlab International shows more than half of all Britons have been injured by biscuits. An estimated 25 million adults had been injured while eating during a tea or coffee break – at least 500 had landed themselves in hospital, the survey revealed. The most dangerous biscuit in Briton is the much feared 'custard cream'.
I thought I would share with you my two worst food injuries…

1) A nasty burnt tongue after accidently eating a still-flaming marshmallow in a drunken state (me, not the marshmallow).
2) A bad Toblerone stab to the roof of the mouth. What idiot would design confectionery with hard pointy bits?!

And Sporty’s?
Hyperventilating after eating a pizza doused in Tabasco sauce.

Other tales of food harm welcome :)


fnessm said...

haha! I listened to an interview with the researchers on RNZ the other week - so so funny!

My worst incidents would be:

Laughing and hot soup coming out my nose - it honestly hurt to breathe for days.

bruning a layer of skin off the roof of my mouth gobbling a pizza straight off the oven belt - at first I thought it was melted cheese, but nope, it was my skin.

fnessm said...

oh and my best food injury - christmas day when I was six and a macintoshes lolly pulled out my molar - the tooth far gave me a fiver - I was loaded!

pipi said...

Sometimes I get hard lollies that have air bubbles in them. They seem to be most common in chupa chup lolly pops. I know that if I suck these, I’m gonna cut some part of my tongue (roof of mouth even gum etc). I've done this many times and it hurts like shit. I've come up with strategies: 1. masticate 2. buy slightly transparent lollies or transparent lolly wrappers to check out if there are air bubbles 3. give away to annoying small children 4. run under hot water (waste though) um.
I’ve also had awful drunk experiences with rice. too dry to throw up properly and gets stuck. Ew

Tankgrrl said...