Friday, September 18, 2009

Rhocking the city! or Whanganui gets its H back…

Well, the Geographic board has said that Whanganui should be spelt with the H, and we just need to wait for Minister of Land Information, Maurice Williamson to sign off the decision.

(He’s thinking on it – happy thinking Maurice.)

Comments about the H are pretty much what you would expect – racist crap, with lot of comments about Maori not having a written language of their own before the English came.

Ha! I’m sure Maori would be more than happy to give back the written language in return for their land.

I reckon Willie Jackson has got it right when he says,

The racists there, and around the country, want to stop Maori having their language correctly spelt. Why? They don’t really know, but I suspect they think Maori are getting too big for their boots and that if they give way to the H, then Maori will probably want the whole country next.

Look out Mr Laws, the tangata whenua are höhä!

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