Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I've had a few false starts...

Where I wrote a few words and then punked out of posting a blog for various reasons. I've just had a fullon day at course which included an afternoon with Paul Swadel of the NZ Film Commision which was interesting and it seems like exciting times ahead for emmerging writers as doors that were previously only opened by Producers/Directors may soon be accessed by the wordy ones. Anyway... this seems to have slunk through rather quietly, perhaps it's just a BrOtaki thing but check this out:

NZ's first Online Film Festival!!!

Ziln has launched - it's NZ's first online TV channel (odd I know) and they are getting up to all sorts of interesting things, I'm loving the NZ Archives clips and the film fest is way cool!

It's a chance to check out some of NZ's feature films of days past - classics like Goodbye Pork Pie, Utu, Ngati and Mr Wrong (love Gaylene Preston!). Ok, so it may have tankgrl wanting to self harm but I'm hoping that some of you spend the last few rainy days of winter curled up with your laptop watching a good ole Kiwi classic!

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