Monday, September 21, 2009



hip to the beat said...

Oooooo little baby jesus :)

pipi said...

churr...pretty neat alright eh. Imagine embarking on a hugathon in Lambton quay! Sometimes i think the world would be a much brighter place if business suit wearers got a hug every now and then.

I really want to hug the guy next to me right now. hmmn

Here's more info,

Bebe said...

Im going to do this....maybe heheh
I dont know about lambton quay crowd though I was thinking more like cuba!
But I think the suits probably need it more LOL

anyway LOVE this idea!!

pipi said...

I'll support you, maybe bring refreshments and orange quarters at say half time.
-Bake vegan cupcakes to share out?!!
-sub if you get tired
and the costumes...omg the possibilities

Tankgrrl said...

Displays of love ALWAYS make me cry. I'm sitting at my desk wailing at the moment. Not a tissue in sight.

pipi said...

awww tankgrrl!
*tankgrrl cries, tankgrrl wails??...*

longge said...

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