Tuesday, July 14, 2009

60 Minutes SUX!

I am so disgusted at the 60 Minutes interview of Kirstin Dunne-Powell that I can hardly form a coherent sentence…

We should be ashamed that, as a country, we have pushed this survivor of violence to defend herself on national TV.

A deliberately stony-faced Paula Penfold started the interview by asking “Why are you speaking out now when that might only serve to aggravate the situation further.”

Excuse me!! WTF??

Right from the outset, Dunne-Powell is being accused of “aggravating the situation further”.

What follows are shots of Dunne-Powell’s property, of Veitch excusing himself (“we had a major disagreement… we argued for a very long time etc) and large words scrolling over the screen e.g. “I apologise”, “confidentiality agreement”, “$150000” etc.

She then asks Dunne-Powell, “This was already a broken man – why try to break him more?”

It doesn’t get any better after that, either.

Penfold confronts Dunne-Powell about the situation which “played out for 9 months before he [Veitch] got his day in court.”

To me that sounds a whole heap like blame.

Penfold then says, about the Police investigation, that it was partly to “question Kristin’s motives”.

And in relation to the payout, “Wasn’t it having your cake and eating it too – you had your money.”

I think there’s a difference between playing devil’s advocate and being a deliberately hurtful bully – this interview definitely crossed that line.

Who the hell are these apologists for violence? 60 Minutes and Paula Penfold have denied Dunne-Powell a voice, and they have used her pain to cast Veitch in a sympathetic light – again.


Tankgrrl said...

That's frickin' disgusting. And makes me glad that I was watching less informative TV on a different channel. And I shall probably continue to...

fnessm said...

didn't see the show but can picture the scene... I've noticed this happening loads in the media lately - the way the (originally thought genuine) french rugby player had cops/officials etc saying it was not safe for players to wander on their own, the current hot news about teenage girls getting drunk and PUTTING THEMSELVES in situations, cos it's their fault men (and boys) can't control themselves, the disgusting coverage of clayton weatherston and the way the media are allowing him to appear the victim in all this (probably because he doesn't fit their image of a killer).... the list goes on. I'm pretty over it at the moment, and staging my own silent revolution and refusing to believe anything that we are fed as 'news', it's all just a magazine show with bias. Humph.

pipi said...

I didn't watch the interview. But sounds like another case of an awful interrogation (and i mean interrogation irrespective of if a woman chooses {what the fuck is choice?} to do an interview) of a woman who is portrayed as at fault for a mans aggression. Men- I’ll define myself more.. middle-upper class, established, heterosexual cute little white boys do not just 'lash out' they are provoked. Society wants to know why some little bitch aggravates our poor boy and the media? They’re merely the hand that feeds us. Open up my mechanical little robots mmmmnnn

Anonymous said...

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