Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the danger of living inside my head...

Apart from the obvious lack of oxygen, and of space (I may have a pin head but there's a lot packed in there), there are other a few other health risks when I spend too much time inside my head.

* I am able to convince myself of a reality that in my saner moments I am fairly sure doesn't exist. Like a little boy picking at a scab I worry at things, wear them down, wear them out. And does this serve to do anything other than make me feel like I need to sit in the corner and rock? No, not really.

* Proportion has no relevance, all of a sudden someone splashing me in a puddle morphs into someone throwing me in the sea.

* "Up there for thinking, down there for..." I don't dance so much in my head.

* The more I live in my head the harder it is to live in the world.

* My head is selfish. Sometimes it hogs all the blood in my body like a greedy little monkey and throws my body into inaction and I just want to lie in bed and think.

* It's all so jolly cerebral. Where's the vitality, the verve in lying still with dribble coming out your mouth and a faraway look in your eyes?

* Translation can go so horribly wrong. What makes sense inside my noggin does not always relate to what makes sense in the world so beware - ask me what I'm thinking at your own peril.

* When I crack a joke nobody laughs but me.

My head is a good place to holiday, it's great to spend time looking around in there. But if I appear like I might've taken off for an extended visit, please give me a little shake and tell me my taxi's waiting.


pipi said...

Sheesh fnessm, imagine if you had a regular sized head. where's that project of yours at?

longge said...

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