Monday, July 27, 2009

mathieu bastard-roar

Key accepted the apology and said it was time to move on. So a large portion of the nation did yet I still can’t seem to shake it off. Bitter and angry at the whole fiasco I choose to vent my frustrations through acknowledging and posting about a case which is picturesque of the systemic and institutionilised racism that continues to go unchallenged and unrecognised.

Media representation of lies told by Bastareaud were simple. He was brutally attacked by 5 Maori or Pacific Island men. Bastareaud (after being found out, not by 'choice') admitted this incident never took place and apologized to the New Zealand federation, to the city of Wellington, to the French players, the coaching staff, his team, his friends and all those involved for his lies.

I’m assuming Maori and Pacific men fall under the last part of the apology ‘all those involved’ yeah, maybe. It seems appropriate to me that when an apology is offered it should be just as accurate and precise as the accusations made i.e. I am sorry to the Maori and Pacific men of New Zealand, The New Zealand federation, the city of Wellington etc- simple

Steve Tew CEO of New Zealand rugby union spoke of how this issue has tarnished the reputation of Wellington and New Zealand-puh. It’s merely reflective of the normative reproduction of avoidable and unfair blame placed upon Maori and Pacific Peoples of Aotearoa.
The involvement of the French Prime Minister and his apology for the ‘unacceptable behavior’ of Bastareaud signaled a push of blame rather than any ownership or responsibility for the actions of the french rugby team.

Maori and Pacific men are at the butt end of the stick when it comes to the tarnishing of New Zealands reputation and as for Bastareaud who apparently acted all on his own accords, is he not also the victim of being a black man in the white mans game.

Here is a clip of young maori men just being cheeky little hoories

and one of Hato Paora Junior Boys College using the poi

Cause we deserve better and fairer representation.
Mean Maori Mean


hip to the beat said...

Yeah! Thanks Pipi - for noticing and for telling it like it is :)

Tankgrrl said...

I love this blog. You rock.

fnessm said...

awesome vids and I COMPLETELY agree with the blog. chur.

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