Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's not okay...

I have a problem.

The news these past few days has me seething that not only does Paula Bennet abuse her power to extract information, but our media then support her in publishing the details of two woman that in my view should never be made public without their permission.

The Nats have sent a giant signal to anyone who has the courage to comment against them - we will do what we can to put you back in your place you irrelevant little plaything - and this has been supported by all in the party who fail to acknowledge how serious an abuse this is. It is also endorsed by a media hungry for sales that they allow this sort of abuse, and a public so subordinate that we mumble into our coffee and roll over and show our bellies.

This is debating 101 - attack the argument not the person - though I think many in the Nats missed that lecture. For Bennet to have gained herself from this allowance in the past is perhaps why she LACKS the ability to successfully argue the positives of the Government scrapping it.

What the argument is about feels irrelevant, the tactics are disgusting and she seems altogether too petty to hold a ministerial position. So my question is this - what the hell do I do about it?


Tankgrrl said...

As I look across from my PC to you at your laptop, you don't look like a seething revolutionary. Which just goes to show that you can't always believe what you see. Right on sister! (in a sisterhood kinda way, not a relational one, because that would be just wrong, despite "Sporty's" views on inter-relational relationships.

Bebe said...

That is so many different kinds of wrong....but back to the point, the Nats are playing dirty by bringing out the bullies and I feel powerless to do anything about it. They are making people vulnerable by taking away their freedom of speech. I feel so angry I am plotting evil sadistic forms of assassinations that will discredit National and Act! God I hope the govt don’t get hold of this blog, they would have the house raided at dawn!
I am also thinking of making t-shirts, not quite as dramatic but probably more realistic.

Tankgrrl said...

Yay! Tee-shirts! Yes! Let's do it! I can do some anarchy crochet! (somehow that doesn't sound worthy of having the house raided, but I'm up for giving it a crack)

pipi said...

shouldve spat in her coffee when i had the chance

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