Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I am going to do today:

  • Take my laptop to vodafone so they can get my vodem to work on it (it works on every other PC and laptop in the WORLD except mine). I made the mistake previously of ONLY taking in the vodem - which was supposed to have sorted the problem. How am I going to promote the virtues of technology and its blissful ability when it continues to taunt me in this way?!
  • Meet Liz and Princess for lunch. And probably Euan too. Do you know Euan? I swear he is a long lost brother of Kevin Rudd. Same gestures, EXACTLY the same mouth, same beautiful skin...
  • Meet my sister for coffee so we can discuss the latest of my family dramas. A cousin pregnant (OMIGOD, I thought they split up once his home detention was over?!), a mother who cannot seem to get off the grog (or men who are bad for her, for that matter), an interfering aunty (what's new there), a niece/daughter who has taken her first steps and seems destined to be the most amazingly gifted child ever...
  • Eat some organic avocados... YUM!
  • Make a facebook page for Rocket Science. Will you be my friend and ask your friends to be fans? Actually I'll probably do this tomorrow, but same same :-).
  • Attend the Provincial Greens meeting tonight.
  • Listen to cool music all day. On my playlist I have: David Bowie, Alison Moyet, Alanis Morrisette, Annie Lenox, Brazilian Girls, Fur Patrol, Joss Stone, Chicks on Speed and heaps more... I am so cool.


fnessm said...

sounds big. My list would look something like this:

* Answer questions from the twelve year old approx every 26 minutes.

* Do 5 hours PTW work and bring home some 100% NZ raised honey cured bacon

* Start my assignment, I might even go so far as to say write the intro and the short synopsis.

* Supervise the cooking of potato bake at 3pm.

* Throw together the remainder of tea - Howies hobbled back to work and it's Wednesday, the restaurant re-opens.

* Shiver to keep warm. Light the fire when my hands become frozen claws and can no longer type.

* A walk if not raining, or a swim at the pool, something to justify eating treaties.

What I would like my day to look like:

* hole up in front of the fire with my book.
* eat hearty food lovingly prepared for me.
* drink a hot chocolate with marshmallows.
* snuggles and a movie.

pipi said...

you listen to alison moyet...ha

Anonymous said...

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