Friday, July 24, 2009

Bing Bong the Brainy Bean

Bing Bong woke up bright and early in the morning with a question burning in her head. What sort of bean am I?

She needed to know so she decided to go and ask some questions of her own.

First she went to see Monkey Mung. She knocked on his door and could hear him swinging on the rafters finishing his morning exercises. After a thump and tumble, the door opened and Monkey Mung stood beaming in front of her. "Morning Monkey Mung!" she began, "How would I know if I'm the same sort of bean as you?"

Monkey Mung pondered for a few minutes. And then a few minutes more. "Hmmmm. Let's go and look in the mirror together. I am small and green. Some of my relatives hang out in the water and sprout in the Summer. Hippies tell me I'm also pretty tasty in a curry. Are you the same as me?"

Bing Bong quickly realised that she is not a Mung Bean. They didn't look at all alike and they didn't like to do the same things. Where would she go next on her adventure?


fnessm said...

where...? What's happening in the world of bing bong? please don't let her get too close to the chickens...

longge said...

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