Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from old age!

Yes, here I am. Out of bed. No longer in my PJs. Sitting at the computer. Brain finally working, moderately. Eyeballs no longer burning so much that wearing contacts is out of the question. And the question on everyone's lips has been "was it swine flu'?!". And my answer to you of course is "how the hell should I know? Seemed kinda like any other flu', EXCEPT the whole world agreed with my spending as much time in bed recovering as possible. That is, time AWAY from them, NOT infecting them.

Which has made me think about being sick in general, and media motivation for whipping up this influenza frenzy.

I think that there is a conspiracy amongst journalists. Much like "road rage" is a media construct, I believe "swine flu'" is a construct designed to give us all a break. Journos in the northern hemisphere have just gotten to their Summer months, and I betcha they're feeling like they could do with a damn good holiday. But who wants to use up annual leave?! Why not give EVERYONE an excuse to take extended time off work SUPPORTED by paranoid bosses and workmates? The media all over the world has to be ecstatic about this - you've got to do something while lolling about in bed, and reading about your flu' excuse in the newspapers is as good as activity as any. Excellent. Good job well done.

Of course, I didn't have a holiday. I was really sick.


kōtiro said...

but do you think it was swine flu? Maybe it was?! it really could have been. I kind of wish you were tested and then we could know once and for all. It would be a great work story.

really Glad you're better Nik x

longge said...

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