Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 Mundane Things About Today

  1. I frown a lot when I'm staring at any computer - which makes me think that maybe I frown a lot because my face doesn't feel any different than it usually does. This is a photo of me trying not to frown at my laptop. Note strained look and telltale vertical lines on my brow.
  2. I think Spring is coming. The bulbs are up, there's a lightness about the air and I don't feel compelled to light the fire as soon as I get out of bed (which in this case was 6.15am this morning, in order to take Ms Vanoodle to meet her Mummy for carpooling activities).
  3. Bread smells really yummy when it is rising, but I bet it doesn't taste good right now.
  4. Betty Growler is feeling needy-graspy. I can tell this because I have a whole bunch of new little holes in my thighs from her accidentally putting her claws out while "stretching" nonchalantly against me.
  5. I have so many thoughts and ideas racing through my brain at the moment that it's amazing I can get anything completed. Why do I have to try new stuff all of the time? I'm sure it's not normal.


Bebe said...

I think you should rename this blog to '5 o for awesome moments about today' :)

pipi said...

1. i love reading your blogs
2. i think your pic is what a cyberfeminist looks like
3. bread. bread?

Sporty said...

yeah and yeah.
How can you say spring is mundane?!