Thursday, August 13, 2009

What an old bag!

I've been drilling and sewing and op-shopping (keep seated!) and planning and prancing around ALL DAY! What fun I have been having :-). Mum's old clunker sewing machine is waiting patiently for my next bout of frentic activity. The last bout an hour or two ago resulted in a god almighty tangle and broken needle...

So I'm making bags out of found and recycled materials. And I'm not exactly sure why, because I really only use bags when I go grocery shopping. I might have to start making an exception I guess. You may just see me swaggering up to Parliament next week with a styley (I think so) bag slung casually over my shoulder.

I'm going to keep on going while the inspiration strikes, and hang them somewhere out of the way. I could maybe sell them out of my boot at a market sometime? Or maybe I can convince Ness and Jan to do that bit for me? Apparently selling a bazillion dildos has destroyed my retail abilities...


hip to the beat said...

A cunning plan! Can I make some too? Can you call the business "Bags not Bags" or "I bags one"? Woop!

Tankgrrl said...

I was thinking more "car boot", though if it turned into a business they could work. Or "Old Bags" or "Bag Lady". The possibilities are endless! I would rely on you Hip to the Beat to make them a lot cooler actually. I like them, but I do have a tendency to be a bit uncool...

pipi said...

-bags 2 save bags
-drabs 2 bags
-tapestry bags
-fuck 'country road' bags
-would you like a bag with that bag? or WYLaB.. said like 'why lab' or wylab road, wop-wop wylab
-bag hag
-naf bags
-twat a bag
-i love green eggs and bags
-re bag it
-hummus n seasalt bags
-sticky rice bags
-bags youre it
-say yes to bags and yes to the planet
-bags for the enlightened
-big lunch bags
-titty bag (there have been bum bags and fanny bags..)