Friday, August 14, 2009

What feminism means to me - today

I have a vivid memory of my nine year old self crying with that familiar helpless feeling of injustice and rage. My brother and I had all played our obligatory weekend sports. I had played a game of netball, my brothers a game of soccer. My father said that I should do the lunch dishes because the boys were tired from playing a “hard” game that morning.

That moment was an awakening for me and I recognise it now as the first step on this feminist road I travel.

My life is informed by feminism, the decisions I make, the things I do, the people I love and the projects I share my energy with.

I cannot thank enough the women in my life who have shown me that being a woman is awesome, that fighting injustice is fulfilling, that working for equity is a collective calling.

I find strength in the strength of other women, and I love that as I get older my feminism grows and changes.

I don’t mind when people laugh when I use the words patriarchy, hierarchy and oppression - I reckon, call it what it is.

I love that this is what a feminist looks like!

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Tankgrrl said...

If I didn't recognise the hoody I would think you were 12 when this photo was taken! I still have those "what do you mean, women's work?" moments. I have been pondering the value assigned to "women's art" (ie, crafts etc), vs "manly art" such as the sculptural type of stuff that Lou does. Interesting.