Monday, August 17, 2009

List of favourite lists

  • To Do List. While this isn't an inspiring or particularly interesting list, it's the one I use most often and it helps me to at least feel like I've achieved something in my day. And I like that feeling. And like 80% of the general population that uses this list, I too am a cheat and will write things on my To Do list that I have already completed, ALL for the pleasure of crossing it out again or putting a big fat tick next to it. (Eg, write blog, tick, cross out, sigh of pleasure...).
  • Things that I want to do or achieve during my lifetime. I love this one. I like to dream big. Or really small (for example, invent a laptop that folds down into your pocket, BUT that unfolds out so that the keyboard is big enough that you don't get OOS, like our poor Mongy Bebe).
  • Things about my life that I like or love. This is really good no matter what your mood (or in fact life in general) is like. If you're all ecstatic and annoyingly cheerful, it's a nice feelgood that affirms why you're being such a wanker. And if you're really down and feeling like a loser, while the list may seem short, it will remind you that you at least like the tap that's in your bathroom. Maybe you just need to go and have a bath? Which is usually the conclusion that I come to if I'm feeling down in the dumps - but in a soothing way, not in an "I'm just taking the toaster into the bathroom for a bit" kinda way.
  • Things about my life that I dislike or hate. The funny thing about this list is that even if you're in a really good state, it doesn't take long before this list gets really out of hand. Because even if you live your life like we thought Mother Theresa lived hers, there are still OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. And quite frankly, they can be a piss off. The good thing about this though is that you can disconnect all forms of external communication and take to your lazyboy if you want to minimise this list. Except then you would probably write "no-one talks to me anymore" on your list.

Finding old lists is REALLY cool. Like the ad on tele (which I absolutely LOVE!), you can cross out things that you've done, even if you're late/wrong/now incapable.

Lists rock. And this is why my list blogs always get so many comments containing lists. You're all just as anal as I am, and despite the name-calling (which is number 54 on my 4th list) you all secretly want to be me (number 4 on my 3rd list). List off.


Sporty said...

Writing things on my list post completion is not cheating! It's important for planning purposes, otherwise you may forget all the tasks involved in a certain project.

Writing a list is one of my favourite list tasks.

Anonymous said...

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