Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm sorry? Excuse me? WHAT did you just say!?

From Jane Bowron’s television review in the Dominion today:
The charity KidsCan, was not a feel-good cause. We are deeply embarrassed that children are going to school inadequately clothed and underfed. While we would have, say, a decade ago, been happy to fork out for a cause that was doing something about that gross injustice, there is a groundswell of people uncomfortable about giving subliminal encouragement to an underclass shameless about churning out children because it is an ‘earn’.
I am almost incoherent with WTF-ness! And really – WTFknF!?


Tankgrrl said...

This is just so disgusting that it beggars words...

Sporty said...

scary scary scary. At the seminar we had yesterday somebody made the, I think rather astute, comment that -
In the 90s there was an explicit agenda that said inequality was good becuase it provided an incentive for people at the bottom to change their circumstances. We now face an environment where that belied is not explicit but may well still be current with key decision makers.