Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Did you hear that?

That was the soft sigh of hip to the beat losing her blog virginity.

She’s heard how great it is, and she’s seen others do it, but it has taken a while to feel comfortable doing it herself.

So, ok, shyly, scared of being in the spotlight, here is her first blog…

It’s not going to be some flashy-pants glossy tart of a blog post, I think she’ll start small.


Shhh. Did you hear that?

That was it!

Does that count?

Was that the real thing?

I hope she’ll be brave enough to try it again :)


Tankgrrl said...

It's amazing how both your loss of blog-ginity and your small start sound just like you do when you drop one in my office...

Sporty said...

eeeeee. That was beautiful.
I know you can never repeat that first eperience but...

fnessm said...

thanks... cherry-popping-tastic!