Thursday, June 18, 2009

Found some cool free downloads today...

I've been searching on the web and allowing a bit of "free click" therapy to take hold. You know, see where your old mouse takes you kinda mentality (= little mental). And I've found some really cool websites.

These are my favourites:
  • TED = full of very cool and inspiring people from all walks of life who are at or near the top of their games.
  • Delicious = a bookmarking site where you can see the top favourite bookmarks.
  • Creative Nerds = has all sorts on it, but this link is to 25 free creative programmes that you can download. I love open source software - the philosophy and the quality rocks. And it's free or low-cost :-).
  • Toodledo = is basically an online to do list. It's free. You can have it on your iPhone (which syncs to the web). And it's real easy to use.
  • Monkey On = you can send other people a monkey if you need them to do something for you but you can't be fagged sending them nagging emails to see if they've done it. Once they get a monkey, IT nags them until they "kill" the monkey by completing the task.
Happy clicking [big smirky smiley face - what? That's just my face!]

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