Monday, June 15, 2009

Want to join me in a challenge?

Every so often (like once every month or two) I give myself a silent challenge - well, perhaps not silent for Ness.

The challenge is to use everything in the fridge and freezer up BEFORE going to the supermarket to buy groceries. In order to use everything up, I often end up using the ingredients hanging out in the cupboards as well. Do you feel like joining me? I've decided to embark on a more constructive and embracive (am making up new words now) challenge to see how long we can live on what we have. How much money will we spend? How much will we save? Will we find it a big pain in the backside? Or will we grow (not waistwards) from the experience? What will make us crack?? Will it be the nirvana of "the empty fridge"?!

The rules that I would like to propose:

  • Dairy purchases OK (I do not have access to a cow).
  • Creative food exchanges OK
  • Buying lunch and the odd dinner seems OK to me, unless someone wants to be all militant about it all.
  • Let's compare notes on the weirdest things in our fridge, moments of great personal fridge/freezer triumph, and our favouritest recipes.

If you WOULD like to join me, any ideas on how should we share this information? I'm thinking about whether a blog is the best place to do this?


fnessm said...

would be awkward if I didn't...

Sporty said...

I don't think I've got enough in my fridge to really participate.
Chutney, tomatoe sauce, ginger, cheese and fluids and rotten veges.
If compost counts as a product then maybe...