Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm still waiting... Don't try and pretend all got lives and are too busy to blog.

Two thoughts for today ..
I'm looking forward to the 'Jan is sporty olympics' - you will all be asked to be judges so I hope you're ready.

This past week I may have mentioned  (ha ha) my work seminar on indigenous knowledge and sustainable urban design, and how Ngati whatua are starting to rebuild a pa settlement. Well last night at the refuge do I was talking to Ange about the new policy work happening within Maaori caucus working with whanau, hapu and iwi and I got all excited wondering what it would look like if women, men and children,  at Orakei designed the pa in part to keep women and children safe. I wonder what would that look like? How great if refuge could get involved at that level of prevention work.


Tankgrrl said...

Well who are you going to talk to about this? It sounds like a fabulous idea. And I think your blog name is absolutely HILARIOUS.

Sporty said...

I am talking to a few people about it.
Hilarious?????! I'm not sure I see why.

fnessm said...

in honour of the motorbike or the spice girl?